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Sex Toy Sizes

Sex Toy Sizes, A guide to choosing the right silicone sex toy for you!

Here at XTC TOY, we spend time researching the concept of sex toy sizes. From the smallest sizes to the largest, including the huge silicone dildos and massive silicone anal toys, it is obvious most of the silicone dildo manufacturers and retailers have decided to go small. What’s the reason? Platinum Cure Silicone is EXPENSIVE so smaller toys equal lower prices. They make small toys to keep the sticker shock factor to a minimum. Unfortunately, how many hundreds of 4", 5" or 6” dildos do you have to search through only to realize they all look and feel exactly the same?

XTC TOY discovered that most sexual adventurers are disappointed in the size of the toy they order online or even in a retail store very soon after they purchase it.

Why? Because when you get it home and play with it you find its TOO SMALL TO BE TRULY USEFUL. The giddy joy and anticipation of the purchase is soon lost in the boredom of the dildo’s sensations...

Shopping for a new silicone sex toy can be challenging, we know. Dimensions are of course approximate, as they should be. Such as "Do you measure the circumference or the diameter?". At XTC TOY, we went with circumference, because not all of our toys feature a round shaft. In fact, few of our toys are round. The reason for this is that with a toy shaft, if it is round, no matter how to turn it, the sensations for the most part do not change.

That’s why XTC TOY silicone dildos and silicone butt plugs are designed with oblong, rectangular and even triangular shafts.

Rarely round. Why design silicone sex toys in so many sizes with shafts that are not round? Because we discovered that your sexual adventures might be enhanced with a toy that offers more stimulation – in and out is good, but spin a sex toy left and right a little while you play and  well, you get the idea. XTC TOYS OFFER MORE ECSTASY!

As for the length of your toys, get them longer than you think. The reason is simple. All sex toys have waste built into them for the most part – that is the part of the toy that you hold onto while you play, or that is unusable as you squat over it on the floor, or due to anatomical features like butt cheeks, you simply cannot bury it inside your partner when it is in the strap-on harness, no matter how hard you try.

Remember this when considering sex toy sizes -

Length can always be held back – excess simply not used for the time being. But you cannot EVER make the toy longer, and when you reach the end and want more, it can be frustrating to say the least!

Enjoy the fruits of our labors. 100% Pure Platinum Silicone Dildo’s, Anal Plugs and silicone sex toys made in more usefull sizes!

XTC TOY – More ECSTASY by Design!



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