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Care for Silicone Sex Toys

Care for Silicone Sex Toys, Dildos and Anal Plugs

We know silicone sex toys are more expensive than sex toys made with materials such a Jelly, TPR, TPE, Rubber and Latex, Vinyl and who know what else. We want you to be able to care for your toys once you get them home. Store your XTC TOY silicone dildos and anal toys away from other toys NOT made of silicone. This is because the other sex toys, costumes and plastic "accessories" may contain plasticizers and additives that will corrode your XTC toy. This could range from as slight as a permanent color change, to a soft melting spot that cannot be repaired.

While we extol the virtues of our Platinum Cure Silicone sex toys here at XTC TOY, we also know our butt plugs and dildos are not indestructible!

With proper care and cleaning, as well as keeping light colored toys or those with our UV GLOW feature isolated from darker toys as they require extra care. You never know what lurks in your toy chest, so protect your investment in your XTC TOY.

XTC TOY silicone sex toy care and cleaning tips:

  • Cleaning Methods include washing in hot water with soap, boiling in water, washing in your dishwasher (Yes, you can use detergents), and even baking in your oven, although that seems like overkill to us. Our Platinum Silicone is safe to temperatures of 450 degrees F, but best if you keep it under that just in case!
  • Store your XTC TOY silicone sex toys so that your toys are not touching each other or other materials such as leather, vinyl, plastics, some wood finishes and especially non-silicone sex toys.
  • UV Glow toys do best when not exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time. They kinda glow when sitting there in the window, and are of course a regular conversation starter with family and friends, we know, but you will enjoy the black light effect longer if left out of sight!
  • Use non-silicone lubes with our toys. We have found that not all silicone lubes are safe for your XTC TOY, so please use water based lubes, oil based lubes, Crisco or J-lube if you want. 
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